Happy Valentine’s Day

What with all of the murders and Force chokes and such over the years, many people have called Darth Vader “heartless”, but that’s absolutely not true. His heart is very much present, though it may be 84% mechanical parts and can sometimes be hidden away behind highly polished blaster-resistant black durasteel.

And because he’s all heart, Darth Vader has issued the following Darth Vader-themed Star Wars Valentine’s Day card for all the Star Wars-cross’d lovers out there.

The card was designed by the highly talented Anthony Petrie of http://zombiebacons.tumblr.com/, which you should check out immediately. There, you will also find a Magneto-themed Valentine’s card.

You can download the card as a PDF directly from Anthony Petrie’s website here.

Just remember, from now on, “V-Day” actually stands for “Vader Day”.

Celebrate Vader Day responsibly – avoid Force choking your loved ones. Background checks to rule out accidentally making out with a long-lost sibling after giving them this card also strongly recommended.

(via iheartchaos.com)



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